Functional Coatings – Revised Website

Functional Coatings has been a client of Isinglass Marketing for over 10 years. Functional Coatings specializes in the creation of highly engineered VOC-free adhesives and their application on substrates for a wide variety of end use markets in construction, footwear, home repair and medical applications.

We have just finished the second iteration of their website that includes copy, design, photography, and video elements that focus on their multi-million dollar investment in plant and machinery.

In addition to creating a unique logo, we have also produced printed materials and trade show materials.

“It’s been our great pleasure to work alongside Isinglass Marketing. They are extremely easy to work with, and through their knowledge and expertise, always manage to stay out in front of whatever innovations we’ve thrown at them (and there has been plenty!) We here at Functional Coatings enthusiastically give Isinglass Marketing our highest recommendation.”

Gerry Fortier & Don Sveen
Functional Coatings

Quality Fabricators – Website

Quality Fabricators is a sister company to Casella Process Solutions. Their primary business is the custom manufacturing of high quality stainless steel parts for use in pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing facilities.

Quality Fabricators had largely been an in-house resource to support the needs for custom parts for Casella’s existing customer base, with no communication tools of its own.

Casella engaged Isinglass Marketing to create an identity package incorporating a logo, a website, and photography to position Quality Fabricators as a stand-alone company that could take its manufacturing expertise to markets beyond Casella’s customer base in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Biltrite – Virtual photography

The Biltrite Corporation is a multi-million dollar family-owned company. They came to Isinglass Marketing in 2012 by way of one of our existing customers. Their website was static with a 1970s design feel. Their support materials consisted of internally produced Word documents.

Biltrite produces thermoplastic matting for a wide range of applications including electrical matting for worker protection, fire retardant matting, rooftop walkways, and commercial kitchen flooring, to name a few. 

Our first task was to produce data sheets for various rooftop walkway products. This is an environment that does not lend itself to photography. Our solution was to create a series of 3D illustrations incorporating workers and a variety of rooftop equipment. This was such a successful solution that it became the standard for all subsequent data sheets as well as for the new website we developed.

Isinglass also did all the product photography, manufacturing photographs, and video which compared Biltrite’s fire retardant product to its competitors using a fire chamber.

Underwood Engineers – Branding

Underwood Engineers has been a client for 15 years. At the beginning of our relationship, Underwood was in the process of changing ownership due to its founder’s retirement, and were seeking guidance on the wisdom (or lack thereof) of changing their name, and on how to distinguish themselves in an extremely competitive environment. We strongly recommended they retain their name as it had high recognition within their market segment: providing civil and environmental engineering services to state and local governments.

And, while retaining the Underwood name, we supported the transition to new ownership by creating strong new identity graphics with a new, modern logo and business papers. In addition, we completely changed the way in which they presented bidding documents, designing materials with unique graphics and a standardized format for data.

Over time, we have redesigned the Underwood website, produced trade show materials, designed space ads and direct mail materials, and provided on-site and aerial photography.

“Isinglass Marketing has been a perfect fit for our company. They work hard to understand our culture and business needs and develop a marketing strategy to match. Their work is professional, thought-out, effective and affordable. I highly recommend them.”

Keith Pratt, President
Underwood Engineers, Inc.
Portsmouth/Concord, NH

Lydall Technical Papers

For 15 years, Isinglass Marketing was the agency for Lydall Technical Papers in Rochester, NH, a division of Lydall, Inc.

We managed the communications projects for their three business units, which included national trade advertising; technical literature and trade show materials.

In 2000, Lydall corporate headquarters took over all communication activities for their five divisions.