Emanuel Engineering – Web Redesign

Emanuel Engineering came to Isinglass Marketing for a new logo and website with a particularly vexing problem. Their existing website was created by their secretary’s son at college, and their logo was a stock engineering image of a compass. The owner was old-school, loved his compass, had very modest computer skills, and was unprepared to relinquish control to his staff.

As a result, the process took considerably longer than is typical for projects of this sort. However, in the end we were able to create an entirely new look—with logo, business papers, and a Word Press website—that gave them a modern and professional presentation.

Barrington Public Library – Branding

Barrington Public Library is one of the community organizations for which Isinglass Marketing does pro bono work. The project involved a new logo and tag line that would give the library a more modern look to reflect the Library’s changing role in the 21st century and specifically to provide the Library with a new mark as it began its capital campaign for a new facility.

In the past, Isinglass Marketing has provided pro bono graphics, photography and web design for local voter education, area theatrical events, and non-profit fund raising.

Desmarais Environmental – Branding

Desmarais environmental is an industrial hygiene company that investigates chemical and biological abnormalities in commercial, educational, industrial and residential interiors. Desmarais hired a designer to produce a new logo, but the designer did not understand the basics of the company’s business, thus was unable to produce a satisfactory solution. Desmarais then retained Isinglass Marketing to provide a logo, business papers and a new website.

Because we have a 35-year history of working with engineers, scientists and other technical people, we were able to translate both the technical and ephemeral aspects of this business—the idea that air quality consists of dispersed particles that are invisible to the eye—into a logo that was precisely the solution Desmarais was looking for.

Thunderbird – Branding

Thunderbird Investments, a London, England-based hedge fund, came to Isinglass Marketing by way of a personal connection. The CEO had previously managed the European and Asian assets of an American family. When they decided to realign their portfolio, Thunderbird Investments was created as a privately-held hedge fund. 

Isinglass was charged with developing a distinctive logo for his new business, and the owner had a specific vision he wanted us to work with which incorporated his passion for Inuit art, particularly the Inuit Thunderbird image. But because that image is widely recognized, it could not be used in its singular manifestation. After working on the problem for a time, we had a brainstorming session and what emerged was the suggestion of “tangrams,” a children’s game using different shapes. That was the key that unlocked the puzzle, and the pieces fell into place.

This transatlantic collaboration was accomplished entirely through emails.

In 2015 , I hired Charter Weeks of Isinglass Marketing to design a logo for Thunderbird Partners , a new investment firm I was in the process of launching at the time. I was extremely satisfied with Charter’s work from beginning to end , all of which was carried out remotely , by telephone and email, as I am based in London , UK. We began with a discussion of what the logo was meant to represent as well as developing a sense for any basic stylistic preferences I had. Charter then came back to me with several concepts that were aligned with my objectives for the logo, but all very different, providing an excellent array of choice.

I was deeply impressed with the simple elegance of Charter ‘s designs. They very cleanly captured what I was looking for. In fact , the final product was one of his four original designs , modified only slightly from its initial form. The process of working the logo from its initial form to final design was simple and straightforward. We worked very efficiently by email. Charter was able to quickly interpret my feedback and incorporate it where appropriate , all in short turnaround times.

He struck a perfect balance between taking my input, and standing by his artistic views when he felt strongly about them. The end product was much stronger as a result. I strongly recommend Charter and Isinglass to anyone looking for a new logo or any related corporate branding services.

David Fear

Managing Partner

Thunderbird Partners, LLP

Underwood Engineers – Branding

Underwood Engineers has been a client for 15 years. At the beginning of our relationship, Underwood was in the process of changing ownership due to its founder’s retirement, and were seeking guidance on the wisdom (or lack thereof) of changing their name, and on how to distinguish themselves in an extremely competitive environment. We strongly recommended they retain their name as it had high recognition within their market segment: providing civil and environmental engineering services to state and local governments.

And, while retaining the Underwood name, we supported the transition to new ownership by creating strong new identity graphics with a new, modern logo and business papers. In addition, we completely changed the way in which they presented bidding documents, designing materials with unique graphics and a standardized format for data.

Over time, we have redesigned the Underwood website, produced trade show materials, designed space ads and direct mail materials, and provided on-site and aerial photography.

“Isinglass Marketing has been a perfect fit for our company. They work hard to understand our culture and business needs and develop a marketing strategy to match. Their work is professional, thought-out, effective and affordable. I highly recommend them.”

Keith Pratt, President
Underwood Engineers, Inc.
Portsmouth/Concord, NH