Project Description

The Biltrite Corporation is a multi-million dollar family-owned company. They came to Isinglass Marketing in 2012 by way of one of our existing customers. Their website was static with a 1970s design feel. Their support materials consisted of internally produced Word documents.

Biltrite produces thermoplastic matting for a wide range of applications including electrical matting for worker protection, fire retardant matting, rooftop walkways, and commercial kitchen flooring, to name a few. 

Our first task was to produce data sheets for various rooftop walkway products. This is an environment that does not lend itself to photography. Our solution was to create a series of 3D illustrations incorporating workers and a variety of rooftop equipment. This was such a successful solution that it became the standard for all subsequent data sheets as well as for the new website we developed.

Isinglass also did all the product photography, manufacturing photographs, and video which compared Biltrite’s fire retardant product to its competitors using a fire chamber.

Project Details

Skills Needed

3d, illustration, Photoshop, Copywriting


August 2013-15



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