Brand development, positioning, strategic thinking

Since 1983 Isinglass Marketing has focused on creative marketing.

We created a communications company to address the needs of an under-served market segment comprised of companies that were often the brainchildren of engineers with a great product or service and no time to promote it…companies with highly technical products and services that weren’t getting targeted results from design-driven ad agencies…companies with small budgets looking to get the best results for their marketing dollars…companies, in short, with very specific needs looking for a no-necktie agency with intelligence and the time necessary to learn their business from the ground up, and the initiative to explore and identify the very best channels through which to communicate their message.

“Isinglass Marketing has been a perfect fit for our company. They work hard to understand our culture and business needs and develop a marketing strategy to match. Their work is professional, thought-out, effective and affordable. I highly recommend them.”

Keith Pratt, President
Underwood Engineers, Inc.
Portsmouth/Concord, NH

In most cases, our customers produce technical products or materials that are sold into highly vertical markets where engineers or other technically sophisticated buyers are integral to decision making. Isinglass Marketing is also involved in strategies to penetrate and build secondary markets to shield companies from cyclical primary market trends.

“It’s been our great pleasure to work alongside Isinglass Marketing. They are extremely easy to work with, and through their knowledge and expertise, always manage to stay out in front of whatever innovations we’ve thrown at them (and there has been plenty!) We here at Functional Coatings enthusiastically give Isinglass Marketing our highest recommendation.”

Gerry Fortier & Don Sveen
Functional Coatings

Isinglass Marketing provides the complete range of services expected from an advertising agency including writing, design and production for collateral materials, space ads, trade shows, multimedia presentations, website development, etc. and helps clients develop systems for inquiry tracking and evaluation.

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